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Frequently Asked Questions Hulk Waste Management.

Hulk Waste Management has compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers to help you with your waste disposal needs.
If you have any further questions not listed here or would like a personalised quote, please contact us directly.

Commonly Asked Questions

+TIME - If I finish with the bin earlier than the agreed hire period, can I have it picked up?

Certainly, contact us when you want the bin to be picked up and we will do our best to remove it as soon as we can.

+TIME - What time will I receive my bin?

We can contact you half an hour before hand if you wish to be present when the drop off occurs, however delivery times will depend on how many deliveries we have that day and when we will be in your suburb.

+TIME - Can I keep the bin longer than the agreed hire period?

Depending on how much longer you wish to extend there may be additional charges, but you will need to notify us at least 24hrs prior to original pick up date.

+POSITION - Can I move the bin?

We will place the bin in the best position, for the safety and security of the bin and the public, such as over hanging trees and cables etc. Damage of your property and our bin may occur if you decide to move the bin especially during the pick up process, which may be prevented. Please do not attempt to move the bin.

+POSITION - If I have the bin put on my driveway, will it get damaged?

We have no responsibility for damage on the driveway if we are instructed to position the bin on that area, if you are worried about damage we advise to choose a different location. However, damage to the driveway is a rare occasion, mainly when the bin has been filled with sand or concrete.

+POSITION - Can the skip bin be placed on the road or in a public park?

Please check with your local council for any Health and Safety requirements, but you may be able to obtain a permit from your local shire if the street or park is not a major road.

+FILL - How much can I put in the bin?

Your bin must not exceed the top level or our drivers will remove items or refuse to remove the bin from the site which will result in additional costs, this is because our drivers will have problems transporting the bin due to a number of potential hazards.

+FILL - What can I put in the bin?

Any items which are not toxic, toxic items include but are not limited to:. Asbestos. Car Tyres. Large Tree Stumps (larger then 300mm x 300mm). Food, Liquid Waste (paint and oils). Batteries. Herbicides &Pestidies. Medical Waste. Explosives & Gas Cylinders. You can mix household waste, builders waste, sand and green waste in your bin.

+FILL - Can I put Asbestos in the bin?

There are specific requirements for transportation and removal of asbestos, therefore we need to be advised if this is something you wish to remove as the bin will not be allowed to have anything but asbestos. Please contact us and we will assist you with your enquiry.

+FILL - Can I put SuperSix in the bin?

No, one of our drivers will check to make sure asbestos is not contained.

+INFO - Do your skip bins have a ramp?

Most bins come with ramps, but when ordering your bin please specify if this is what you wish to have.

+INFO - How to Book a Skip

Call 0427 018 966 or email: or through the website.

+INFO - What should I do before my skip bin arrives?

Please remember these vehicles are heavy, without a full bin, so choose a location which has no traffic and is easily accessible with plenty of room. Move your car, boat or caravan if needed &that keys are available for the vehicles if needed. Any gates must be left unlocked and dogs or other pets are to be inside your house to avoid interference and safety.We have no responsibility for your choice in location, including any damage that occurs. Ensure there are no overhanging trees or power lines (7mtr clearance as required OH&S regulations)

+INFO - How much notice do I give when ordering my bin?

At least 24hrs notice is usually acceptable, however we can sometimes do same day delivery.

+INFO - What size bins do we have?

We have a range of Skip Bin Sizes: - 2m3 = 1 6x4 trailer - 3m3 = 2 6x4 trailer - 4m3 = 3-4 6x4 trailer - 6m3 = 4-5 6x4 trailer

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